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We have ticked all those boxes. With all due respect to the other teams, once the Titans had secured their place, the focus had to switch to those games. After all, there is no prize for topping the log although there should be.

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Boucher has made clear that his first and only focus is winning series for the Titans; and he is doing that in the most efficient way. Opportunities began to appear for both sides as fatigue crept into the game and thunder storms neared.

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The second half started much the same as the first, with a heavy dose of rucking and kicking into field possession. A Toowoomba error in their own half swung the momentum towards the Sharks and they never looked back.

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The scoreline quickly blew out to before a late flurry from the Titans was all in vain as time ran out. A stunning win in extra time in set the stage for a mouth-watering final between the two rivals.

Some strong defence and rucking up the middle third of the field tested the patience of both teams, in particular with last touch options. In spite of a some end-to-end play and a handful of errors to end the half, it was the Tigers who took the lead with a controversial try on halftime.

KW Titans triumph over the Riptides

The Titans capitalised on some quality field position and scored off a nifty grubber near the goal line. It tightened what had been the NRL's worst defence and resulted in the side more than halving their average missed tackle count across the first three games. That platform allowed Elgey to make an impact, something James in particular was happy to witness. It's just good to see him playing with that confidence and throwing that long ball," he said. It was the Titans' first win at Suncorp Stadium since their first trip in , ending a run of 11 straight away defeats.