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There is nothing more effective in these situations than a well-chosen inspirational quote from literature. For the sake of love, Carton has deliberately swapped places with another and in this quote is contemplating both his own self-sacrifice and the fate of France. Frodo expresses regret that these things have happened during his lifetime.

You have feet in your shoes.

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You can steer yourself any direction you choose. And you know what you know. Another book written for children but loved by adults. Albus responds by asserting that it is not pedigree that matters but talent. If you have ever been in a romantic situation where you want to say exactly the right thing, but find yourself tongue-tied, you might like to choose from this section of romantic literary offerings.

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Not being satisfied with roses or diamonds, in this poem Yeats suggests that, if he had access them, he would lay out the heavens for his love to walk on. Here Cathy is talking to Nelly, the family servant, about her inescapable connection to Heathcliff. She recognises that her feelings for Linton, whom she is going to marry, are entirely different to her almost spiritual relationship with Heathcliff. W hat light through yonder window breaks? It is the east, and Juliet is the sun. The business world can be a tough one.

You are bound to have days when you wonder whether the results are worth the effort.

If this sounds like you, if you are struggling for a bit of employee motivation or if you need to give some sound advice, read on. In this poem Ulysses, of Troy fame and also known as Odysseus, has completed his ten-year voyage home to Ithaca from Troy and is considering his future as an older man. The existentialists include among their numbers important French authors who used fiction to convey their philosophical views; these include Jean-Paul Sartre 's novel Nausea and play No Exit , and Albert Camus 's The Stranger.

Maurice Blanchot 's entire fictional production, whose titles include The Step Not Beyond , The madness of the Day , and The Writing of Disaster , among others, constitutes an indispensable corpus for the treatment of the relationship between philosophy and literature.

A number of philosophers have had important influence on literature. Arthur Schopenhauer , largely as a result of his system of aesthetics , is perhaps the most influential recent philosopher in the history of literature; Thomas Hardy 's later novels frequently allude to Schopenhauerian themes, particularly in Jude the Obscure. Schopenhauer also had an important influence on Joseph Conrad. Schopenhauer also had a less specific but more widely diffused influence on the Symbolist movement in European literature.

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Jacques Derrida 's entire oeuvre has been hugely influential for so-called continental philosophy and the understanding of the role of literature in modernity. A number of philosophers are still read for the literary merits of their works apart from their philosophical content. The philosophy in the Meditations of the Roman emperor Marcus Aurelius is unoriginal Stoicism , but the Meditations are still read for their literary merit and for the insight they give into the workings of the emperor's mind.

Arthur Schopenhauer 's philosophy is noted for the quality and readability of its prose, as are some of the works of the British Empiricists , such as Locke and Hume. Friedrich Nietzsche 's works such as Thus Spoke Zarathustra frequently resemble prose poetry and contain imagery and allusion instead of argument. Socrates appears in a highly fictionalized guise, as a comic figure and the object of mockery, in The Clouds by Aristophanes.

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In the play, Socrates appears hanging from a basket, where he delivers oracles such as:. Early Taoist philosopher Zhuang Zhou expressed his ideas primarily through short literary anecdotes and fables. The other major philosophers of the time appear as characters within these stories, allowing Zhuangzi to playfully explore their ideas and contrast them with his own, as he does with Laozi , Liezi , Hui Shi , and many others.

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Most prominently in his work is the presence of Confucius and his prominent disciples, who are sometimes used to undermine popular understandings of Confucian philosophy or to reinforce Zhuangzi's own understanding of how one lives in accordance with the Dao. Jorge Luis Borges is perhaps the twentieth century's preeminent author of philosophical fiction.

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He wrote a short story in which the philosopher Averroes is the chief protagonist, Averroes's Search. Many plot points in his stories accurately paraphrase and epitomize the thought of major philosophers, including George Berkeley , Arthur Schopenhauer , and Bertrand Russell ; he also attributes various opinions to figures including George Dalgarno. A key plot point in Umberto Eco 's novel The Name of the Rose turns on the discovery of a mysterious book that turns out to contain a lost manuscript by Aristotle.

Eco's later novel Foucault's Pendulum became the forerunner of a run of thrillers or detective fiction that toss around learned allusions and the names of historical thinkers; more recent examples include Dan Brown 's The Da Vinci Code and The Rule of Four by Ian Caldwell and Dustin Thomason.

Also, Philip K. Dick , who has often been compared to Borges, raises a significant number of philosophical issues in his novels, everything from the problem of solipsism to many questions of perception and reality. Jorge Luis Borges introduces many philosophical themes, and a number of fictional philosophers, in his short stories. A fictional theologian is the subject of his story Three Versions of Judas. Fictional philosophers occasionally occur throughout the works of Robert A.

Heinlein and Ray Bradbury. Heinlein's Stranger in a Strange Land contains long passages that could be considered as successors to the fictionalized philosophical dialogues of the ancient world, set within the plot. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

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