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She is an only child, and I worry that she is missing out on being egged on by siblings.

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Is there anything that we can do to help bring her out of her shell? Answer: Lots of children and indeed adults have quite introverted personalities and this not necessarily a problem for them. It is likely that your daughter prefers interacting in smaller groups or on a one to one basis and this is all relatively normal.

Over time children can naturally become more confident as they grow and develop, learn more social skills and become more settled in their relationships. When does she talk most? When does she appear the most socially engaged and at her happiest? In which relationships and situations does she communicate most etc?

For example, there may be particular friends that she gets on best with or certain activities and interests that she particularly enjoys. It is likely that your daughter will find it easier to form friendships on a one to one basis, rather than just in a larger groups. Strong friendships are usually developed around one one connections.

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You can do a lot to help her with friendships by supporting her to have one to one play dates or activities in your home. Help her identify one or two class mates who you could invite over separately to participate in home activities or to go on a trip together. These could belong to her friendship group in the school or indeed be outside it if there are other children she has more in common with. Making a few good friends will help her feel more confident socially in groups as well as benefiting her overall wellbeing.

Children are usually at their most confident and happiest when they are engaged in activities they love and which they are good at.

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Indeed it is during these activities that she is likely to make the best friends and where will be most confident in groups. If your daughter is open to this, you or the teacher can also coach her in how to manage some of the social situations that make her reserved. Would the teacher let that happen?

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Sometimes you can even rehearse the situation in a fun role-play where she practices asking a question in a group. The teacher could also help by setting your daughter up with some small manageable leadership tasks in a group that help build her confidence. Perhaps in my lifetime chronic pain will be no more an issue to cope with. Had I been in Mr. May he forgive us all for any ill thoughts we might have harbored, wherever his soul is, as we were just ignorant.

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Tuesday, May 16, Painfully Yours. Dreams can be both wonderful and frustrating. Sometimes they seem just as real as this state of consciousness we call being awake.

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