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Commentaries What do some of the commentaries have to say regarding Isaiah 17? Tiglath-Pileser I Ever heard of Tiglath-pileser? Chavalas The Historical Record A study of the historical record indicates that Damascus became a heap as Isaiah predicted. Except for the abortive uprising under Sargon in , we hear nothing more of Damascus for a long period. Rejecting God, Ahaz of Judah turned for protection to an alliance with the Assyrians, whom he bribed with the temple treasure.

After defeating Israel he attacked Damascus, plundered the city , deported the population, and replaced them with foreigners from other captured lands.

Compare Translations for Isaiah 17:1

Damascus was no longer an independent city-state. Isai and Amos Afterwards, it passed successively under the dominion of the Assyrians, Babylonians, Persians, Macedonians, Romans and Saracens, and was at last captured by the Turks in A. Author Recent Posts. Ron Managing Editor at Scripture Revealed. Prev post The Logos.

Isaiah 17, Damascus is NOT Destroyed yet, listen to this!

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Prophecy: Damascus (Syria) and Iraq will be Destroyed

Most reacted comment. Hottest comment thread. Recent comment authors. Ken Klimaitis. Jack Farmer. As it was in the days of Noah and Lot and those days were days of Apostasy. The Bible warns us about these days of apostasy. I believe this to be a prelude to the rapture for those of us who are premellenial. Netanyahu is a man that will respond quickly and powerfully if his people are attacked. Sometimes there are smaller or weaker fulfillments of passages before the actual proper fulfillment takes place.

One example is Malachi which says that ahead of the day of the Lord that God will send Elijah the prophet. And there are other examples of this. With this in mind, is it not possible that there is a lesser fulfillment of Isaiah before the actual and final fulfillment at the second coming?

Of course many prophecies have seen partial fulfillment in history. But in the case of Isaiah 17, the prophecy is specifically about Damascus being utterly desolated and removed from being a city, forever. Concurrent with this is the virtual desolation of upper Jordan, northern Israel, and perhaps even all of Israel.

And thus, it simply would not make any sense to look for a partial fulfillment of a prophecy which is by its own self-description, a complete and utter, as well as a permanent destruction.

Many are still claiming that this is potentially imminent. But such claims err because they do take into account the full testimony of the Scriptures. At the beginning of the seven year tribulation, Israel is living in a false sense of peace and security. Not desolation. In order to reconcile with the testimony of so many other Scriptures, Isaiah 17, the destruction of Damascus as well as much of Jordan and Israel must occur well into the final 3.

I fear that too many are eager to see prophecy fulfilled here. The time is coming, but not now. Let us be sober and in prayer. The Day of the Lord draws near. I agree with you about people getting trigger happy for prophesy to be fulfilled. Dang it, Joel! You need to jump back in on twitter! Your voice would be welcomed among the others!!!! I have lomg departed from the Tim Lahaye Joel,Rosenberg approach. Please look at this link when you have time and comment on Russia and its leaders in light of this and other thoughts you may have.

I believe that current events in Syria have nothing to do with Isaiah 17 or Isaiah and Amos 1. Isaiah and Amos were contemporary prophets, and both predicted that Syria and Israel would soon be destroyed by the same opponent, Assyria. According to the above comments, the belief among futurists mostly but not all dispensationalists is that Isaiah 17, and its counterpart in Jeremiah —27, have not been completely fulfilled because Damascus is still in existence. Her towns will be deserted forever. So why the difference in translation?

The Hebrew letters r r and d d are similar in shape. The resh r is rounded while the daleth d is squared on their right corners. Other than the LXX, there does not seem to be any reason to adopt changing the Hebrew letters. These comments from the Pulpit Commentary are interesting and might shed light on the historicity of the city of Aroer as it relates to the Damascus prophecy:.

Conclusion on Isaiah 17’s Fulfillment

They shall be for flocks comp. Isaiah ; It marked the very extreme of desolation, that cattle should be pastured on the sites of cities. None shall make them afraid ; i. John N. We know from the history of the period that a number of cities were destroyed never to be rebuilt, for example, Babylon:. Time indicators can tell us if the prophecy is going to be fulfilled in the distant future or in the near future.

Joel Rosenberg, who believes that Isaiah 17 is a prophecy that has not been fulfilled, appeals to other chapters in Isaiah in an attempt to make his case that the Damascus prophecy is like Babylon, never really fulfilled:.

Damascus Became a Ruinous Heap

But the context makes it clear that the prophecies will happen deep in the End Times, just prior to the Second Coming of Christ. The Old Testament records a number of times when Israel endured a day of the Lord, lasting a few days or, in some cases, several years. Evidence for this significance of the Day of the Lord is found in references in the Scriptures to past Days of the Lord. The Bible indicates that there have been several past Days of the Lord in which God exercised and demonstrated His sovereign judgment on other nations.

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He raised up Assyria to judge the northern kingdom of Israel during the s B. Amos , 20 , Babylon to judge the southern kingdom of Judah during the s and s B. Isaiah 13 is a description of a localized judgment of a world power that existed long ago. Who did God raise up to judge Babylon?