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Handbook of Public Management Practice and Reform.

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Journal of Public Affairs Education. In Rabin, Jack; Hildreth, W. Bartley; Miller, Gerald J. Handbook of Public Administration Third ed. Categories : School accreditors Non-profit organizations based in Washington, D. Public policy schools Public administration schools.

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By continuing to browse this site, you agree to accept them in accordance with our cookie policy. These actions are based on a system of values and norms and can be Legislative or Non-legislative. Relating to the public responsibilities such as safety, security, health, social protection or the environment.

Incentive Systems Other actions include rules, notices, orders, determinations and warrants. Will the reference be to the whole standard or selected parts of it ie.

Only to certain clauses or sub-clauses? By direct referencing, regulators avoid reproduction of standards in Legal Text. Certain parts or even single clauses of standard can be referenced. Only to the List of Standards.

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Such List should be made availabe to public through a website. Other Considerations 1. Simply, regulators make use of existing consensus at International Level. Other Considerations 3. Conformity Assessment It is the mean of determining whether products, services, processes, systems And persons, meet specified requirements. Conformity Assessment This is my job!

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Procurement body, witness testing or performs other verificaiton to standards directly, either on prototype or through market surveillance. The results are propriety to the CA Body and supplier. Other Considerations 4. Regulations and Legislation — references to the standards. The sale of standards is in the way that they are financed fairly and benefits the users who pay to use it.

They are not-profit-organization but they need to cover operation cost.

Standards can facilitate compliance with legislation

Costs of Developing Standards 1. Cost in time, travel, other expenses of thousands of experts working in technical committee, some are paid by employers and some paid themselves. Cost of running the secretariats of the technical committees, hosting meetings, gathering views from national stakeholders, conducting national enquiries and the distributing published standards 3. The cost incurred by IEC Central Office and ISO Central Secretariat to maintain infrastructure of programme management, document distribution, and tools for management, voting and collaborative working, supplying information, providing procedure to their committee experts and national members.

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National Policies on the use of Standards to support Public Policy Major economies of the world have developed policies to actively encourage their use. National Policies on the use of Standards to support Public Policy Brazil Previously, government impose changes of behavior on private sector via compulsory measures.

They have to make use of all or parts of International Standards as a basics for policy objectives. National Policies on the use of Standards to support Public Policy China One of the main forms of technical regulation in China is via the use of mandatory standards.